Care instructions (click for info)

Care instructions (click for info)

Care instructions

Our products are made with the best cotton yarns and environmentally friendly dyes. To ensure a long life, we give you the following care instructions.

Care instructions


Washing is allowed at the temperature shown in the tub. *)


Bleaching prohibited.


Ironing is allowed, the number of points indicates the ironing temperature.

a circle

Chemical cleaning. The letter A indicates normal cleaning.

Further tips for using your terry products: Always wash colored textiles separately from white. Do not use detergent with bleach for colored towels, inaread use a "color" detergent. The use of fabric softener affects the moisture absorption. Do not add fabric softener for good moisture absorption! You can simply cut a long thread from an extended loop with scissors. This does not affect the lifespan of the towel. Specific tips for our S12 towels: These towels are dyed with so-called indanthren dyes. These dyes have been specially developed to retain their color after many times. Following the following tips will extend the life of your S12 towels:

  • Rinse the towel immediately after using oxidative liquids such as bleaching and permanent agents. These liquids attack the towel **)
  • Always use a 'color' detergent.

*) it is possible that the tub has a temperature of 40 degrees; however, you can always wash your indanthren S12 towels at 60 degrees

**) The manufacturer assumes no liability for towels that have stains and holes